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Introducing the Brand New Door Collection by John Donaldson:

A Rustic Chic Journey Through French Elegance

As John’s daughter I am excited to unveil an exclusive glimpse into the latest artistic endeavor from the artist renowned for his doors, John Donaldson—The New Door Collection. This collection marks a significant milestone as it encapsulates the essence of his experiences and inspirations drawn from the quaint and picturesque French towns that have captured his heart over the years. Known for his unique ability to blend the rustic charm with chic elegance, John’s three new paintings of doors invite viewers into a world where art meets history and tradition dances with modernity.

Each piece in the collection tells a story, a silent narrative held within the wood grains and the peeling paint of the doors he has chosen to bring to life in the painting. These aren't just any doors; they are gateways reflecting the soul of the French towns that have left an indelible mark on John's creative journey. The artist's signature style, which I would describe as 'rustic chic', comes through in every brushstroke, creating a mesmerizing blend of textures, colors, and emotions that pull the onlooker into a serene yet vibrant world.

Here you can find out where, in John’s words, his love for this subject matter began ..

On the 2nd November 1988 my first sight of the enormous dark green doors which would become so familiar over the next twenty years. They were tremendously heavy and I was told by a resident that they were the original doors (see below the view from inside). He pointed up at the keystone of the arch above the opening and carved into it was the date 1715.

Inside was a dark, cavernous space with just a beautiful spiral staircase leading to the apartments on the first and second floors. This was also original. It led to a top floor apartment that would become our studio, with Westward views across the River Aude, past the Basilica to the wooded hills beyond. The town of Limoux was full of unique and interesting doors - some modest, some beautiful - many became the subject of paintings over the years. The river flowed from the nearby Pyrenees to the medieval city of Carcassonne and eventually to the Mediterranean Sea. All around are vineyards, farms, ancient towns and villages just asking to be painted.”

John Donaldson's Brand New Door Collection is more than just an exhibition of art; it's a journey through the heart of France, viewed through the eyes of an artist who sees the world in hues of rustic colouring.

There are also prints available such as The Little Door below.


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