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The John Donaldson Spring Collection!

A new collection by John Donaldson 12.03.2022


Spring-inspired artwork just launched

Spring brings a sense of new beginnings and optimism and here you can see how it has influenced John's artwork to inspire him to create some beautiful scenes to bring straight into your home and live it for yourself.

John Donaldson has used both France and here as subjects for his Spring Collection 2022.

With Carcassonne, Start Bay and Cote d'Azure providing a wealth of imagery for him to create his landscapes.

"We hope you enjoy this new range"
- John and Anna

To view this painting and others available now on our website.

To browse this and John's other paintings - just click HERE or feel free to comment or message me.

Don't forget we can courier straight to your door if you are interested in purchasing and if for any reason you are not happy with your painting you can return it.

John & Anna (his daughter)



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