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Have You Seen John's Abstracts?

He has recently produced a wonderful collection of mini square abstracts which we have added to our website.

For him to paint abstracts entitles him to paint from the soul and truly give him the freedom for the artwork to 'just be'!

Above top we have Cobb, below left is called Passage and right is named Pritemps.

So if you enjoy John's abstracts here is the perfect opportunity to start an art collection, as each of these are very reasonably priced and include a contemporary cool grey wood frame as you can see John holding below (he won't thank me for that). You can keep adding to the collection too as they are the same size. We can courier straight to your door if you are interested in purchasing.

Each one is signed and titled. To browse the full collection of Square Mini Abstracts - just click the link or feel free to comment or message me.

Anna (his daughter) & John


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