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Our Summer Selection

What is your favourite flower?

I can't decide so I thought I would put together a little montage of a few of the flowers in both mine and John's garden at the moment.

The colours are quite incredible, no photo filters required on this little assortment.

John is far better at the names of plants than I am. He even knows the Latin names as he used to run the Landscape Design department in a County Council in Sussex and would advise on greenery to be included a good few years ago. He doesn't seem to have forgotten names after all this time. I think all I can name here is Oregano, Fuchsia, Potentilla, Lobelia and Hydragea. I tend to plant them and immediately forget the name unless I can leave the label attached.

It is so lovely we can share it all as we get to enjoy the different vibes we have all worked hard to create. My Mum and Dad's (John and Sandi) has a Mediterranean feel where as ours is a little more Amazonian with lots of bamboo, trees and a few exotic plants chucked in and they work really well together.

In fact I think have reached the Summer peak and things are starting to go over. These months have flown by. Time to start thinking about getting stocked up with some logs for Winter I guess.

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