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  • Chromesthesia is a form of synaesthesia - where people with the condition involuntarily associate letters and numbers with colours. Chromesthesia takes this a stage further to link sounds with colours and is the basis for this painting.



    Thelonius Monk

    Composed in the early 1940s - lyrics added later. This diptych was largely inspired by a vocal performance from the St AndreuJazz Band, a young Catalan ensemble - Magali Datzira voice and bass | Ignasi Terraza piano | Andrea Motis trumpet.


    Suggested YouTube links :
    or read our Chromesthesia blog post HERE .


    Diptych Dimensions :
    2 Paintings : 21 x 29.5 and 21 x.29.5 cm

    Unframed original oil paintings by John Donaldson.

    ROUND MIDNIGHT Abstract Painting

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