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" I have a list of images yet to paint, as well as themes to revisit, enough to last a lifetime.  Another lifetime."


Southern England features heavily in John's work as it has been his home for many years. South Devon, in particular, provides an unending amount of inspiration for him to paint. See these two locations in the menu. 

LE CABANON_JohnDonaldson_8x10_MixedMediaPainting_2021.jpg

John is very familiar with the South of France. The areas he focused on were Provence, Cote d'Azur, and Le Languedoc, where he had a studio in the region for many years. These locations are also found in the menu. 

JohnDonaldsonArt_Calanque_Abstract_OilPainting_CloseUp (2).jpg


Abstracts are a real favourite for John to create as he can be really free with technique, inspiration and style. Its an area he developing and is  expanding this range so keep an eye on his Abstracts page 

This online gallery offers giclee prints, original paintings and oil sketches available to buy direct from Devon artist John Donaldson. Subjects vary from London’s Thames,  Cornwall,  Devon and Dorset through to Brittany,  the Cote d’Azur,  the Midi of France and the Italian Riviera.

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