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La Provence


" From our base north of Cannes, we made several trips northwards through the Verdon Nature Park with its spectacular gorge, 25 kms long and 700 m deep and up 500 m onto the Valensole Plateau.

Here is the largest lavender-growing area in France – almost 1,000 sq. Kms. – towards some of the most evocative place names such as Manosque, Gap and Sisteron.

Although beautiful, the climate is harsh...long, hot, dry summers – cold, windy, dry winters. Perfect conditions for lavender."

- John Donaldson


So if you enjoy John's french scenes you can buy limited edition giclee prints

This prints and other designs are available now on our website. To browse this and John's other paintings - just click HERE or feel free to comment or message me. We can courier straight to your door if you are interested in purchasing.


Here are a few previous artworks of Provence by John Donaldson.

John & Anna (his daughter)


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